Event Schedule

OctTwtFest activities

1. Live performances by tweeps and local celebrities. List of performers will be updated soon

2. Karaoke halls

3. Movie marathon in our very own mini cinema hall

4. PS3 game competition; FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Rock Band

5. Indoor and outdoor bazaar

6. October babies birthday celebration

7. Ongoing twittercrush dedication

8. Live feed of OctTwtFest hashtag

9. Twister competition and many other board games

10. Tweet challenges. Prizes by DiGi

11. Lucky draw

12. Photo booth

13. Various attractions around OctTwtFest venue


a) Stage Area:

2.30pm : Registration

3.10pm : Welcome Speech By DiGi rep

3.15pm : Fafaraa

3.25pm : Syakir Iman

3.50pm : Narmi

4.05pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

4.10pm : Kartel Opening

4.20pm : Sona One & Karmal

4.35pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

4.40pm : Surprise Performance

4.50pm : Tengku Adil

5.05pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

5.10pm : Imran Ajmain & Fazley Yaakob

5.30pm : Amir Jahari

5.45pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

5.50pm : Ain Zulkifly

6.10pm : Ila Damiaa

6.25pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

6.30pm : Diandra Arjunaidi

6.50pm : Daiyan Trisha

7.05pm : Massive 4sq Check-In

7.10pm : Maghrib Break

7.30pm : Amir Azizi

7.45pm : Massive 4sq Check-In

7.50pm : Altimet

8.05pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

8.10pm : One Nation Emcees

8.25pm : Thank You Speech

8.30pm : Fashion Show

8.45pm : Prize Giving Ceremony PES2011

8.50pm : Joe Flizzow

9.05pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

9.10pm : Luna Rahman

9.25pm : October Babies Celebration

9.30pm : Kay AF9

9.45pm : Gadis Twitterku Premier by Soulzoul & Gang

10.00pm : Xema Suhaimi

10.15pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

10.20pm : Faliq Fahmie

10.40pm : Azreel Azhar

11.55pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

11.00pm : Acid Hadi

11.15pm : DiGi Lucky Draw

11.20pm : Wavin’ Flag & Poco-Poco

12.00am : Okbye.

b) PS3 Area :

3.00pm : Registration & Group Seeding

4.00pm : Let the game begin!

8.00pm : Final

8.45pm : Prize Giving Ceremony (Stage Area)

** PES/Fifa Requirements: 4 Projector Screens Running simultaneously – 10mins per game.

** RockBand Requirements: Highest score for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

c) Board Games Area (Organized by #IheartMalaysia Team)

Board Games / Lawan Pemadam / Lawan Pen / Batu Seremban / Bottle Caps / Congkak / Twister / UNO / UNO Stacko / Jenga / Cho Tai Tee / Bluff / Gin Rami / Snap / Chess / Dam Haji / Monopoly / Monopoly Deal

d) Mini Cinema Area
Movie Marathon All-Day

e) Karaoke Area
Open Mic All Day

f) Bazaar Area (Indoor)

g) Bazaar Area (Outdoor)

h) F&B Area


53 responses »

  1. menarik aktiviti permainan zaman kanak-kanak tu, nk kena join ni..

  2. coolness. its on my bday!
    *tetap promote neyh*

  3. apa prize utk tournament PS3 bagi PES2012? yuran penyertaan berapa?

  4. How much for PES2012 PS3 tournament fee..??

  5. Nice! so how to register Slot in PES2012 tournament?

  6. Does we need to pay for this fest ? I can’t wait till’ this 22nd October šŸ™‚

  7. Hi. @PopiaStation would like to be part of this event. We are specialized in making popia delicacies for big events like this. Could we have info on how to participate at the indoor/outdoor bazar? Hope to get reply through twitter or our email, ahmmmuzo@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance šŸ™‚

  8. nak main Monopoly Deal n lwan pemadam!!!

  9. So, nak datang event ni, just datang je lah? Ada register apa2 ke?

  10. lawan pemadam & pen, teringat memori masa zaman primary school dulu. haha…

  11. Got any public transport to venue?

    • Shuttle bus will be provided from KTM/Komuter Batu Tiga Station to DiGi HQ from 3pm to 6pm and 11 pm to 12 am. Ample parking space provided for those who will be driving.

  12. @uzairsawal

    organise a scrabble tournament!

  13. OCTOBER BABY?? *chicken dance..

  14. oh nooo. 23hb I kat sepang. datang malam sempat kot.

  15. Cool šŸ™‚ Wanna join so badly

  16. siti hajar binti zolkepli

    kena guna tiket ke kalau nak masuk PS3 Area : dengan Board Games Area (Will be organized by #IheartMalaysia Team)

  17. Dengar citer Slot utk tourney PES2012 dah abes? Biarrr Betulll!!!!!!!! Di mana kena register?!

  18. sounds interesting. 22 oct is line this weekend….hmmm…

    one Q, for people not owning PDAs will they be free Wifi access there? thanks.


  19. kalau datang dalam pukul 4 lebih tkpe kan ? err , registration tu utk ape ? šŸ˜€

  20. kalau datang saje2 nak tengok boleh ke?

  21. blh bg full address x digi hq ni?

  22. rockband tu camne? explain sikit.. ade kosong lg tak? camne nk register?

  23. eh eh eh. the twtup is on the 22nd or 23rd huh? *konpius

  24. Fyeza Kadim

    ada open mic ke? mcm berminat.. how to join? hehehe!

    • Disebabkan jadual yang padat dan penuh, Open Mic kami tidak adakan. Akan tetapi, kalau nak perform dengan bersahaja di dalam area event, adalah dialu-alukan.

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